Warm Dark

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Warm Dark is the color to choose for your dark brunette clients of all skin types, with an orange undertone. It’s balanced color temperature makes it the perfect pigment to use, if you want to create a bold and intense, yet flattering, eyebrow look.

Application area:
Eyebrow shading
Eyeabrow hairstrokes


Fitzpatrick scale:
2, 3, 4

Volume: 10 ml


EVO 2 ensures true colors from application to healed results, now also covering a broader Fitzpatrick spectrum for darker skin tones. Our mineral-based hybrid formulation, blends organic and inorganic pigments with a higher contrast and color intensity, alongside corrective elements, ensuring enduring color stability. No fear of color shifts over time — No need of corrective pigments.
All amiea EVO 2 pigments are REACH compliant.