3-Nano Slope (20 pcs.)

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Application area:
Eyes, brows, lips, areola, scars

Best choice for:
Universal needle for lining and shading techniques, hairstrokes and pixel shading

Skin type:
All skin types

Configuration: 3 needles in a wide, pointed composition
Diameter: 0.25 mm
Taper: Classic PMU Taper 1.5 mm
Machine compatibility: artyst H2 Powerbabe, artyst H3 Boundless, most PMU-machines


These artyst PMU-needles are everything you need to achieve perfection. The artyst Cartridges have the universal docking system and can be used with artyst H2 Powerbabe, artyst H3 Boundless and most other PMU-machines on the market.
  • Support low machine vibration
  • Safety Membrane prevents backflow of any fluids
  • Approved by the best PMU-artists in the world
  • Universal docking system compatible with most PMU-machines
  • Come in 20-piece boxes