1-LINER 0.35 ST (20 pcs.)

1-LINER 0.35 ST (20 pcs.)

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Our new 1-LINER 0.35 Short Taper features a unique taper length in our needle portfolio and in the PMU market. It covers the gap between you and perfection! We designed it to implant color more quickly into the skin, for areola procedures and to create very saturated shades in less time. Ideal for intense powder brows.

All our artyst™ PMU needle cartridges are equipped with a safety membrane to prevent the backflow of colors and bodily fluids entering the machine and the associated cross-contamination.

We, as the manufacturer of artyst™, have invented and patented this technology as well as introduced it into the market through many different brands and products around the world many years ago.


Recommended for:

All hair strokes techniques • Pixel, soft & intense shading techniques
Classic eyeliner • Lash enhancement
Nude lips • Aquarelle lips • Lipstick effect
Areola capillary • Hard scars camouflage