Amiea Vytal Scalp System with Genius Pro Machine

Amiea Vytal Scalp System with Genius Pro Machine

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The innovative Amiea Vytal Scalp System is specially developed for Scalp Micropigmentation.

Are you looking for a tailor made powerful machine system that will not just make your scalp treatments easier, more safe, more efficient but also deliver the most natural results possible?

The Genius Pro Machine included in this system is the most powerful yet most quiet and least vibrating machine on the market. Doesn´t matter what kind of scalp treatment technique you prefer, with this machine system you can cover all scalp techniques, hence, you can meet the individual needs of your clients. It delivers you the best color insertion and less rework. Due to the ergonomic and light design of the machine your treatments are more sleek and you can do long sessions while not worrying about stressing your wrist joints.
An elegant and stable power unit with an integrated machine holder allows a needle speed of 100 and up to 150 hits per second.

We developed a compact and hardwearing engine specifically for your special needs. All components and manufacturing procedures meet the quality of medical classification.


  • Extremely powerful and precise
  • Quiet and light, ergonomically designed machine with minimal vibration
  • 2.5 mm stroke length
  • Consistent power between 100 and 150 hits/sec
  • Quick and accurate pigment deposit
  • Gentle on skin, less trauma and minimal downtime
  • Exemplary comfort for you and your client
  • Super natural results with all SMP techniques
  • First rate quality made in Germany
  • Two years warranty