Genius Machine, 2.0mm stroke, Firewire Plug

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Are you looking for machines that will make your work easier? Those that are compact, quiet, low vibrating but still powerful? In that case we recommend you our Genius Machines. They support all Permanent Make-up treatments. You can choose the resulting power as you require. In order to ensure you maximum flexibility, the Genius is available in three different stroke lengths: 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm.

The ergonomic and light design of the Genius Machines makes daily work easier for you, even on long sessions. We developed a compact and hardwearing engine specifically for your special needs at Permanent Make-up. All components and manufacturing procedures meet the quality of medical classification.

Which machine for what kind of permanent make-up treatment?

Do you want perfect shading? In that case, the Genius Pro of 2.5mm stroke length will support you perfectly with its’ precise and powerful needle motion.

Do you love the way our Supreme Machine conjures finest hair and would like to use a lighter and smaller machine that will make work easier for you the same way? Try out our Genius of 2.0mm stroke length.

Do you want to feel every insertion for achieving the optimal result for your clients? Then the Genius Soft with its’ gentle stroke length of 1.5 mm is the machine of choice.

We made our Genius Machines downward compatible so you can also connect them to your existing amiea Devices (not compatible with Sense Devices).

  • Stroke length: 2.0 mm
  • Quiet and low vibrating engine
  • Compact and light
  • Safety gap for safe and comfortable mounting of sanitary pipes
  • Wide range of different needles
  • Downward compatible - suits your existing amiea device
  • Made in Germany


Type: Genius 2.0
Drive: Precision motor – DC
Operating mode: Continuous operation
Weight of the handpiece: Approx. 62 g
Cable length: < ca. 2.0 m

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Further patents are yet to come