Amiea Vytal Skin Microneedling Machine

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Amiea Vytal Skin System is the first cosmetic microneedling system on medical level. Our carefully developed microneedling system based on the medical microneedling technology guarantees you maximum safety and accurate skin penetration.

Control and excellent comfort
  • Ergonomic machine with an orientation scale gives you a full control of consistent and reliable treatment results
  • Extremly quite and light
  • Low vibration
  • Fast work
  • Uniform coverage in the shortest time possible
Gentle on the skin and almost painless
  • Clean skin penetration without unnecessarily injuring the skin.
  • The skin heals faster and your clients have minimal downtime.
Maximun safety and precision
  • No unnecessary skin trauma
  • Minimal to no downtime
  • Visible, sustainable, and even results
  • Excellent comfort and maximum safety


  • Robust material
  • Elegant Design
  • First rate quality made in Germany
  • Two years warranty