artyst H3 Boundless

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Meet artyst H3 Boundless, your new flexible, hybrid PMU machine that breaks all barriers and elevates your artistry. Building on the success of the artyst H1 PMU Classic, this upgrade takes your permanent makeup to the next level of power and precision. Offering wired and wireless working options, two-stroke lengths to choose from, and the universal PMU cartridge system, the artyst H3 Boundless is all you need to set your talents free.


2.5 mm stroke: All-rounder wireless PMU machine for detailed work
  • Perfect for hairstrokes & fine lining
  • Ideal for long sessions
  • Suitable for all experience levels

3.0 mm stroke: Advanced PMU machine for highest performance
  • Perfect for shading techniques & lines full of color
  • Ideal for light-handed users
  • Recommended for advanced professionals

artyst H3 Boundless: This wireless PMU machine is the definition of all-rounder

Unleash your potential with the artyst H3 Boundless PMU machine, where performance knows no bounds. Explore the freedom to create and the power to control perfect PMU results. Step into a world where your artistry knows no limits.

Versatile operation: You are free to choose how you work. Use the battery packs for up to 4 hours of uninterrupted wireless freedom, or just easily dock the cable connector to run the machine with the Power Unit.

Flexibility & precision: Designed for modern PMU techniques, this machine empowers you to achieve amazing detailed work while having maximum pigment implantation control.

Ease of use: Compatible with universal tattoo and PMU cartridge needles, this machine adapts effortlessly to your preferences and needs.

Enhanced ergonomics: Crafted for PMU professionals, the lightweight PMU machine operates with a minimal vibration, ensuring comfortable use and minimizing joint fatigue.

Sleek & individual design: Available in Silver Rose and Gold Champagne, the artyst H3 Boundless exhibits a sleek and elegant design. The choice of colors adds a touch of personalization to match your style.


Stroke: 2.5 or 3.0 mm
Includes 2 rechargeable battery packs (up to 2 hours of working time each)
Includes a cable connector for wired operation
Cartridges: Universal cartridge system
Adjustable needle depth
Operating range: 60 – 150 Hz
Material: Premium-grade aluminum
Made in Germany