1-NANO N2 Capillary Flow

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Application area:
Eyes, eyebrows, lips, body

Best choice for:
All shading techniques, fine hair strokes, precise contours, areola capillary

Skin type:
Combination, normal & oily skin

Diameter: 0.25 mm
Taper: Classic PMU Taper 1.5 mm
Machine compatibility: Genius, Genius Evolve
Packaging size: 10 pcs


amiea Capillary Flow PMU-needles were created with your desires and comfort in mind. The capillary within the cartridge tip improves needle guidance and stores more pigment, which means ideal precision, better pigment distribution and longer color flow. You will save your precious time as you will reduce the number of dips and passes needed to achieve perfect results. Quicker color implantation also means less trauma and better skin tolerance, which will leave your clients more satisfied.

  • Higher pigment intake
  • Up to 10 times longer intervals between dips
  • Incomparable color flow and precision