3 Intense Scalp (5pcs)

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The Amiea Vytal Scalp Cartridge Range is specially developed for Scalp Micropigmentation. We have created the best needle selection to meet your and your customers┬┤ needs.

Thanks to the high quality standard and finest surgical steel, trauma to the skin is kept to a minimum. Less injury, better color insertion and optimum outcomes. The patented safety membrane prevents backflow of fluids into the machine, and minimizes the risk of cross contamination, providing you with the reassurance of total safety.

We have implemented strict quality control processes and inspect each cartridge to make sure it meets our high demands. They have been designed for single use, so that you always know that they are sterile. They are also state-of-the-art in terms of handling: they can be quickly and easily affixed to the machine.

The Amiea Vytal Scalp cartridges should be used with the Genius Pro Machine.

  • A 3-needle cartridge with tight alignment
  • Perfectly shaped dots
  • Dense, accentuated pigment deposit
  • High definition of the dots
  • Quick and accurate pigment deposit
  • Excellent color flow
  • Gentle on skin, less trauma and minimal downtime
  • The highest safety and hygiene levels thanks to the patented safety membrane


  • Single-use cartridges
  • Stable and precise needle guidance
  • Validated sterilization procedure
  • The strictest quality control processes
  • Guaranteed batch tracking
  • Fast replacement of colors and needle cartridges
  • The finest quality, made in Germany