Genius Evolve

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The new Genius Evolve by amiea is a versatile PMU machine specifically designed to meet your needs. With the choice between a stroke of 2.5 or 3.0 mm and the support of amiea Genius cartridges, it provides you with maximum control over color implantation and enables astonishing detail work.

2.5 mm stroke: Flexible, wireless PMU machine for detailed work
  • Perfect for hair-like strokes & fine line techniques
  • Maximum implantation control
  • Ideal for long sessions
  • For all experience levels
3.0 mm stroke: Professional PMU machine for highest performance
  • Recommended for advanced PMU-artists
  • Perfect for shading techniques and full-color lines
  • Faster work and color implantation
  • Ideal for light-handed professionals

amiea Genius Evolve: The hybrid PMU machine to unleash your freedom

Boost your permanent makeup techniques with the Genius Evolve. Experience wireless precision, versatility, and seamless operation that redefine the boundaries of PMU artistry. Step into a new era of creative possibilities, where every stroke embodies excellence and every detail signifies mastery.

Wireless freedom & versatility: The Genius Evolve operates wirelessly with a powerful motor that delivers smooth and precise performance. Whether you are an experienced professional or a beginner, this machine allows you to create beautiful shading and super-precise lines. You can choose between wireless operation using the included battery packs or wired operation with the connector cap and the amiea NEXT control unit.

Seamless & smooth: Powered by a potent motor, the Genius Evolve ensures smooth and precise performance to make your PMU work even more amazing.

Lightweight & compact: The Genius Evolve boasts a lightweight and compact design, facilitating comfortable use during longer sessions. Whether using the battery pack or connector cap, it remains easy to handle for extended periods.


Stroke: 2.5 or 3.0 mm
Includes 2 rechargeable battery packs (up to 2 hours of working time each)
Includes a cable connector for wired operation
Cartridges: amiea Genius
Compatible with NEXT Control Unit
Adjustable needle depth
Operating range: 60–150 Hz
Material: Premium-grade aluminum
Size (Ø x L): 140 x 25,5 mm (with battery pack), 120 x 25,5 mm (with cable connector)
Weight: 103 g (with cable connector), 127 g (with battery pack)
Made in Germany