artyst H2 Powerbabe

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Experience a revolutionary fusion of ergonomics and tattoo power with the artyst H2 Powerbabe. This powerful yet low-vibration PMU machine, with a 3.5 mm stroke, is a collaboration between amiea and Cheyenne design experts. A perfect PMU tool for artists seeking the highest performance with full flexibility when it comes to choosing needle cartridges.

  • Fine lines
  • Crisp hair strokes
  • Shading & pixel techniques
  • All skin types

artyst H2 Powerbabe: Fusion of power and precision in one PMU machine

The artyst H2 Powerbabe embodies the perfect blend of power, flexibility, and precision. Redefine your permanent makeup artistry with this advanced machine that allows you to create beauty using different techniques with ease.

Power & flexibility: The artyst H2 Powerbabe is a high-power machine, addressing experienced PMU artists. With its 3.5 mm stroke and universal cartridge system, it offers unparalleled freedom in PMU needle selection and allows instant color implantation with utmost precision.

Overall satisfaction: Not only will you love the optimized color flow of this PMU machine, resulting in excellent color retention, but your clients will also love the minimized skin trauma and accelerated healing.

Silence & focus: Despite its power, artyst H2 Powerbabe is designed to be one of the most silent PMU machines on the market. Experience reduced motor vibrations, ensuring a tranquil environment, and boost your focus on precision during procedures. Crafted for optimal comfort, the artyst H2 Powerbabe also features an ergonomic, lightweight design that minimizes wrist joint fatigue.

Universal compatibility: The universal cartridge docking system ensures compatibility with a huge choice of various PMU needles. This not only maximizes your flexibility but also minimizes expenses on cartridges.


Features: Stroke: 3.5 mm
Adjustable needle depth
Compatible with artyst Power Unit
Cartridges: Universal cartridge system
Frequency: 70 - 150 Hz
Material: Premium-grade aluminum
Weight: 130g
Made in Germany